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Commercial Shop Front, Signage, and Cladding Cleaning Services

We cover Ipswich, Essex, Suffolk & London

Signage and Cladding cleaning service 

Did you know that many major retail chains consider their signage to be their most important and most cost-effective marketing tool? It certainly works long hours; it represents your business 24 hours a day, every day of the year, informing the world of who you are and what you do.

It's hard to understand how important signage is for a business. It's something your staff and customers will notice and forms the first and lasting impression on how people view your business. It is the main link between you and your customer.

Businesses invest heavily in getting their signage right and keeping it clean is a must. Dirty signage creates a negative impression of your business. 

Keeping Windows and signage clean is a must for getting the right footfall into your business and creating a good impression. 

Not maintaining signage or cladding can cause long-term damage i.e corrosion, this can lead to costly repair bills and a long-lasting negative image of your business. 

Aqua force knows the importance of having clean signage and cladding so we have invested heavily in the right tools and equipment to make sure your storefronts and businesses are clean and well maintained. We are specialists in cleaning signage and cladding to the highest standards.

Our skill at bringing old and dull signage and cladding back to its original shine and state that will restore the wow factor that it originally had when it was new.


Our signage cleaning methods


Signage cleaning to shops and offices can be carried out by using our water fed poles. For larger buildings that need to be cleaned, we would use a mobile elevated platform.

Signage Cleaning that is carried out using the Water Fed Pole method can clean most of the signage we clean.


This is generally the best possible method for retail premises and most commercial offices and industrial premises.


The Brushes that we use agitate the dirt and the purified water deep cleans and washes the deep dirt away, this beneficial because we do not have to use harmful chemicals.


Cleaning is carried out from ground level and is therefore in compliance with Work at Height legislation.

Signage Cleaning using a Mobile Elevated Platform.


Sometimes signage is located to high more commonly on multi-story buildings and is not accessible using water fed poles. In these circumstances, we will access signage or cladding using mobile elevated platforms from where we can clean them using traditional methods or water-fed poles.


Our mobile platform operatives are fully trained and insured and have the correct accreditation with The International Powered Access Federation.

Aqua force provides a complete cleaning service that includes windows, signage, building cladding, guttering.

Fully compliant with HSE regulations and We are passionate about safety, you can trust Aqua force to keep your signage spotless leave the best possible image of your business.


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