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Soft Washing in Ipswich and Suffolk

Aqua Force offers Professional soft washing services in Ipswich and Suffolk 

Soft washing Ipswich & Suffolk

A Safe, Cost Effective, Low Pressure Cleaning Solution

​Render cleaning is a cost effective way of improving the look of the render without the cost and hassle of repainting. Over the years the building industry has moved away from traditional cement / lime renders and is now moving over to silicone based renders. The reason for this move is due to the ease of application and the fact that the render already has the colour additives built into the mix, so in theory the render will never need painting. Although this is not always the case.

Soft washing is environmentally safe and maximises the life of your building.
The advantages of Soft Washing include:

  • Less Water Usage (Environmentally Friendly)

  • Less Noise

  • Safe for All known Building Materials (Less Chance of structural damage to the property – also does not exaggerate the weathering effect))

  • Longer Lasting Results

  • More Cost Effective Clean

  • Kills the Spores which are left behind by Pressure Washing

  • Increases the life of the Exterior of the Building


Soft washing is perfect for use on walls, roofs and cladding as it will remove the mildew which causes the staining. It is also the preferred method of cleaning for Commercial and Industrial premises. It is very effective on the following surfaces Kingspan, Micro, Plastic, Brick and Metal.

The application process we use varies according to the type of building material and condition.

We are experienced in soft washing and can offer a bespoke service for your needs.

We are fully insured and we cover all areas of Greater Manchester and the North West of England and we will also travel throughout the whole of the UK for larger contracts.

Contact us now for a free no obligation quote 

07539 449665 or fill in our contact us form 

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